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Microwaveable wheat bag


Wheat bags are a gentle way of soothing aches and pains, rheumatism, arthritis, migraines, bruising, sports injuries and stress tension.

Wobble cushion


Stand on it to improve your balance and reflexes - great after ankle and knee sprains.

Hot/cold gel packs

From £5.99

Fantastically versatile, our hot/cold gel packs can be either warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer.

Ice Power Cold Gel


One gel with many uses! Ice Power Cold Gel can be used to ease discomfort caused by growing and rheumatic pain, swelling and much more.

MoogWax Massage Wax


Containing natural ingredients such as English beeswax and vitamin E, MoogWax is a solid wax that leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

Podotech Gel Heel Cups

From £10.00

Podotech gel heel cups are designed to provide shock absorption and cushioning for the heel.

Foam Roller


Similar to our massage balls, foam rollers are also designed to aid self massage.

Gym Ball


Gym balls are good ‘all-rounders’ which can be used to help tone, stretch and strengthen many parts of the body.

Massage Balls


Our spiky massage balls are designed to aid self-massage. Soft, yet firm, when applied to problem areas the ball helps to stimulate muscle reflexes.

Neck Care System


For the recovery of back/ neck problems, a correct sleeping position is a must.

K Tape


Designed to reduce swelling, promote healing and provide pain relief by using it’s elasticity to effectively lift skin away from problem tissue.

Naqi Warming Gel


Stimulates circulation to affected area and protects against cold without impeding the skin’s normal functions. Comes in three strengths.

Physio Body Wrap


Filled with lavender and wheat, the physio body wrap straps can be adjusted to soothe aches and pains almost anywhere on the body.

Serola Belt


Provides immediate relief and support to the pelvis region to allow the body to repair itself.


From £2.50

Designed to strengthen/tone muscle in a rehabilitation setting, in place of free weights.

Zinc Oxide Tape


Used to restrict movement in an area where there is injury. The inelastic nature of the tape immobilises joints to restrict further injury.

Car seat support with memory foam


Made from memory foam, fits on the lower part of the seat towards the lumbar region and moulds to the shape and motion of the user’s body.

Ergonomic vertical mouse


Especially helpful for people who work long hours at a computer. Helps with wrist and shoulder pains.

Height adjustable desk


Provides many benefits for office users. Help the user’s alertness, concentration and productivity, as well as improve their blood circulation.

Ergonomic office chairs


An ergonomically designed office chair can be an invaluable investment for treating many facets of paiin.


Footwear by VIONIC


Using innovative FMT technology, Vionic shoes have earned a worldwide reputation for offering comfortable shoes that combine fashion with function. With a number of popular designs to choose from, Vionics can assist in alleviating common foot conditions without compromising on style. Offering biomechanically contoured support in contemporary designs, Vionics were created by leading Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli. The unique biomechanical orthotic technology used throughout the Vionic shoe collection supports your feet and works to realign the lower legs – reducing over-pronation as well as common foot and heel pains.

Vionic technology

An added benefit to Vionics is that they have been praised as providing superior comfort alongside strong support – meaning that you can rely in Vionics whether you suffer from foot pain or if you are simply looking for a comfortable shoe that will withstand any busy lifestyle.

Recommended by Dr Weil, a leading health care professional in the field of integrative medicine. Offering support, stability and comfort, Vionics are the perfect orthotic shoe for maintaining an active life that is free from foot pain or discomfort.

With fashion forward footwear designs ranging from classic styles such as ballet flats and wedges to sporty Vionic sneakers, the Vionic range is ideal for finding a supportive shoe that will add style to any occasion.

Say goodbye to foot pain and hello to support, stability and style with Vionic shoes. Working to realign your lower legs for comfortable and pain reducing benefits, here at Simply Feet we offer a number of popular Vionics, with each Vionic shoe completely utilising the innovative FMT technology.

Women's footwear

Vionic Rest Sandals


4 point adjustable sandal gives complete comfort. The bead feature and complementary colours makes this elegant for day or evening wear.

Vionic Camila Sandals


Vionic Footwear features a biomechanical orthotic footbed to help prevent over pronation and realign feet to their natural position.

Vionic Natoma Sandals


Natoma offers two points of adjustability and benefits from the Vionic biomechanical orthotic footbed designed to support and realign your feet.

Vionic Floriana Toe post sandal


The Floriana toe-post sandal is intricately designed with earthy stones in geometric shapes, dainty riveting and gorgeously textured material.

Vionic Muir - Navy


Forefoot and midfoot for a customised fit

Vionic Fyn Active sneaker - Light grey


Vionic active footwear combines podiatrist-designed orthotic support with a flexible, cushioned outsole and a lightweight, breathable upper.

Vionic Islander


Vionic Footwear features a biomechanical orthotic footbed to help prevent over pronation and realign feet to their natural position.

Men's footwear

Vionic Gerrit


Gerrit has full grain leather uppers featuring fully adjustable straps with hook-and-loop closures and padded jersey lining.

Vionic Islander - Black


Features soft textile uppers with padding jersey lining for extra comfort. Lghtweight, flexible medium-density EVA midsole absorbs shock.

Vionic Jon – Brown


Jon has two points of adjustability and opens out completely for easy access. It has a lightweight, flexible EVA footbed that absorbs shock.

Vionic Boyes - Brown


Flexible leather uppers with soft padded jersey linings and three hook and loop closures. Ttriple density EVA midsole with enhanced heel cushioning.

Vionic Bryce


VIBRAM outsole. A men's sandal built to perform, Bryce features flexible leather uppers, padded jersey lining and soft toe post for a comfortable fit.

Vionic Endurance - Black


Features Foot Motion Technology, a built-in lightweight EVA biomechanical orthotic footbed that supports your feet and helps realign the lower legs.

Vionic Contest - Light grey


Soft and breathable mesh uppers with a comfortable texile lining that will keep your feet cool and dry. Excellent cushioning and shock absorption.


ACTEN® A Revolutionary formula


Joint-related pain is now the most common reason to visit a doctor - and the problem is increasing. The principal reason is wear and tear of the joint cartilage brought about by age, mechanical stress, and trauma. But help is available for sufferers. We have developed a 100% natural, innovative ingredient that helps the regeneration of joint cartilage, is a natural anti-inflammatory, and helps reduce pain and increases your range of movement.



Our musculoskeletal system is an amazing combination of joints and muscles which allows us to undertake many years of movement and exercise. However, as with all mechanical structures, we are also prone to increasing levels of wear and tear. These processes will increase with age, previous injury or trauma, high levels of strain, and obesity. Our joints, cartilage, bones and connective tissue must have sufficient nutritional support to stay flexible and pain-free to enable us to remain physically active. ACTEN is the nutritional way for prevention, protection and healing - without the need for pharmaceutical substances.

ACTEN & HYDROIDAN - A Unique substance with a driver

ACTEN contains 10g of pure Fortigel - a combination of optimised, specific collagen peptides that have been proven to encourage the growth of new cartilage by stimulating their cells. This will in turn help to relieve joint pain and make the joint surfaces smoother and more mobile.

The formula also contains Hydroidan which helps facilitate faster transition through the gastrointestinal tract. This allows the substance to be effectively absorbed by metabolism and result in maximum performance within the joints.